You can apply for Building Regulations Approval via Wealden’s Building Portal (external link),  Alternatively, you can submit the application form via Email or by post

Details of the type of applications which you can submit are given below:

This is a tried and tested system of control which requires plans, calculations and other details of the work to be submitted to the Council, together with the required fee and forms.

Provided they comply with the Regulations and other relevant legislation, the Council passes the plans. It is usual for work to proceed in accordance with the approved plans.

Records of decision notices are useful if you intend in the future to sell your property.

This system of control allows work to be carried out generally without the need for fully detailed plans, all of the control being carried out on site.

In the case of a new building or extension, a Building Notice must be accompanied by such plans which are necessary to show the extent of the works together with a scaled site plan and the appropriate fee.  Absence of a Building Regulation approval notice may not be acceptable to banks or building societies, and cannot be submitted for work in conjunction with buildings which are defined as a “designated” use under the Fire Precautions Act (i.e. most uses other than residential).

Fees are charged for Building Regulations submissions and site inspection

This is a system to retrospectively seek approval when works have been carried out prior to the submission of building notice or the submission of a full plans application.

You should always seek approval for work first and this process must be regarded as a last resort. It is being used more frequently because changes have been made to the questions asked via the standard Law Society search. This now highlights work that has been undertaken without Building Regulation permission.

To apply for a regularisation certificate work must have been undertaken on or after 11th November 1985. The application must include:

  • a description of the unauthorised work
  • a plan of the unauthorised work
  • a plan showing any additional work required to secure compliance with the Building Regulations relating to the building work when carried out
  • East Sussex Building Control Partnership may require the applicant to take reasonable steps to undertake laying open the unauthorised work for inspection.