At the East Sussex Building Control Partnership we understand the part we play in ensuring you, and more importantly your client, receive the level of service required to make any project a success.

We are proud that we work with a wide range of agents & architects. From feedback received, the main reasons for this are:

  • Timely advice and guidance
  • A high level of knowledge and expertise
  • Proactive and solution-led options to potential issues.

Our aims are simple – to ensure a project is plan checked within set time frames, that inspections are delivered on time and that we have a positive effect on a project build, adding value wherever possible.

Within our website you will find a great deal of information and links designed to help you as much as we can. You can contact a member of the technical team by email, by phone (01892 602005) or  apply on-line.

We believe our knowledge and expertise is second to none and we look forward to working with you.